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"Sinfully Dark" Chocolate Cake

"Sinfully Dark" Chocolate Cake

 Sinfully deep, rich flavors.  You've been warned.   

Our "Sinfully Dark" Chocolate Cake is almost a little too rich.  Almost. Let's unveil this delish delight layer by layer (...would you have it any other way?). 

Extra moist dark chocolate cake enriched with ground hazelnut, softened with a liquored syrup of Ararat, chocolate, and raspberry, filled with raspberry compote and a mound of raspberry mousse, and frosted with a Tahitian Vanilla Bean Swiss Meringue Buttercream.  Sinfully deep, rich flavors.  You've been warned.   

What a delicious way to throw a celebration, right?  Our "Sinfully Dark" Chocolate Cake, like all of our cakes, can be made either gluten-free *only* or both vegan + gluten-free.  Just choose your preference during checkout.

Indulge in this decadent, sinfully delicious cake today!

Please note: the decorations are a part of a custom order and are not included in a standard order for this signature cake.