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Individual Tarts

Individual Tarts

Craving individual tarts?  Then look no further. 😋

We here at Chipper & Cheeky specialize in crafting all sorts of gluten-free treats, including individual tarts!  We have a few yummy options.  Pistachio, blueberry, caramel, matcha, strawberry, and rose are just a few of the flavors that we use to make unique, scrumptious tarts.

Check them out below and order a box of individual tarts (minimum 4) today!

Pistachio Tart

Image of pistachio tarts.

Pistachio individual tart: Caramel, vanilla-infused hazelnut and almond praliné, and pistachio cream, topped with delicious pistachios.

Strawberry-Rose Tart

Image of individual tarts topped with sliced strawberries and fresh raspberries.

Rose-strawberry compote filled with rose cream, topped with fresh raspberries and strawberries.

Blueberry Tart

Image of one individual tart topped with blueberries, matcha powder, and powdered sugar.
Blueberry caramel, matcha cake, and pistachio cream, topped with fresh blueberries, powdered sugar, and matcha.
These tarts can be made either gluten-free *only* or both vegan + gluten-free.  Please choose your preference during checkout!
Get your own box to share with your three besties... or enjoy all four treats yourself like the baddie that you are. 😎