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Vegan Chocolate Bonbons

Vegan Chocolate Bonbons

Who doesn’t love a delicious pack of vegan chocolate bonbons?

Who doesn’t love a delicious pack of vegan chocolate bonbons?


Having trouble getting your hands on vegan chocolate bonbons? No worries, we got you. 😏  

We here at Chipper & Cheeky make delicious, rich chocolate truffles and bonbons in small batches.  We use fair-trade, dark chocolate, sourced from the highest-quality chocolate supplier.  Chipper & Cheeky prides itself on creating an inclusive dessert experience that includes those who suffer from allergies to ingredients normally included in chocolate bonbons. 

From bean to bonbon, each step that we take is incredibly important.  Whether it’s sourcing suppliers who pay great attention to providing rich cocoa ingredients or taking extra care when crafting uniquely rich vegan, gluten-free chocolate bonbons with loads of depth and flavor, we want to make the ultimate products for our “Cheeky Fam.”  Thank you for joining us on this ever-expanding chocolate-filled journey. 

Interested in gluten-free only?  We can do that, too!  Please choose your preference during checkout.

Please check out the current product offering of our Vegan Chocolate Bonbons!  We also do statewide delivery, so you can get these rich chocolate bonbons delivered straight to your door!  (Please note: we can’t promise that you won’t become a plant-powered chocoholic.  You’ve been warned. ❤️)


Brazilian Bonbons

Chocolate truffles arranged over a marble charcuterie board and a red cloth.
These intensely delicious chocolate bonbons are infused with Tonka bean, brazil nut gianduja, and roasted brazil nuts, enrobed in dark chocolate.

Golden Bonbons

Golden-tinged chocolate bonbons arranged on a cake stand.

Can you tell that we’re obsessed with gold?  These dome-shaped beauties, swirling with sparking gold shells, are filled with a ganache of Guanaja and passionfruit.  

Golden Chocolate Hazelnut Toffees

Chocolate toffee candies arranged in stack formation on top of a cake stand.

This confection is such a delight to make. Sometimes you’re feeling golden, so who says you can’t eat that way too? 

Golden toffee with roasted hazelnuts, dipped in fair trade, extra dark, velvety chocolate.  Each candy is brushed with edible gold and wrapped in golden foil.  When it’s time to indulge, you might as well go all the way.

Orange Coconut Truffles

White chocolate and dark chocolate truffles arranged on a cake stand.

These delicious vegan truffles are made with a rich orange-infused white chocolate ganache, rolled in desiccated coconut.  Smooth finish, powerful flavor.

Golden Chocolate Hearts

Chocolate heart candies brushed with edible gold dust and arranged with floral decorations.

These mega chocolate bonbons are made with caramel, a chocolate ganache of Guanaja and passionfruit, and a hand-painted chocolate shell.  They’re even decorated with edible gold hearts! 🍫❤️

Zobo Truffles

Dark chocolate truffles arranged on a charcuterie board alongside crushed flowers.

And last but not ever least, the humble chocolate truffle with a floral twist.  We’ve created a chocolate truffle that takes us back to our Nigerian-sprouted roots.  Hibiscus, known as Zobo in Nigeria, is a popular flower throughout the country.  We’ve infused the powerfully bright, berry-like flavor into a dark chocolate ganache, then dusted it with rich cocoa powder for an intensely rich experience.  

Is your mouth watering yet?  Order one of our vegan chocolate bonbons today!

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