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Image of stuffed bread placed on top of parchment paper, surrounded by floral decorations.

Marzipan-Coconut Sweet Bread

Shredded coconut and marzipan, rolled inside a flaky crust. Yum!

Have you met our Marzipan-Coconut Sweet Bread?  We're sure you'll be really happy with this treat. 😋 

Image of stuffed bread placed on top of parchment paper.

Here the delish details: a golden, flaky crust filled with shredded coconut and homemade marzipan, topped with slivered almonds. 

This horn-shaped Marzipan-Coconut Sweet Bread is buttery is perfect for just about any occasion - enjoy with family and friends, or have your own bread to indulge in as you please.

Please note, this bread can be made either vegan only or gluten-free only.  

Nothing more needs to be said.  Order your own Marzipan-Coconut Sweet Bread today!