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Caramel Cake

  • $160.00
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Our Caramel Cake is perfect for anyone who loves caramel and hazelnut praline.  This very special signature cake has a complex yet disarmingly inviting combination of flavors that will keep your tastebuds delighted and begging for more! 

Our Caramel Cake is made with soft vanilla cake loaded with generous chunks of homemade caramel, creamy Camembert mousse, earthy, rich marionberry compote, smoky caramel filling, and fluffy praline-infused French buttercream!  The yellow-hued frosting is tout naturel, too, thanks to the whipped egg yolks to make this sunny, caramel-filled cake.  Deep, rich, and utterly delicious!

And, as with all of our signature cakes, we can make this cake both gluten-free + vegan, too!  The plant-based version has a smoky plant-based caramel, white-chocolate coconut cream filling, and an egg-yolk-free buttercream.  Please choose your preference during checkout!

**For minimally decorated custom cakes, our prices START at $250 for 6" and $325 for 8" 4-layer cakes.  For more elaborate custom design requests, please contact us by phone or email for more details.**