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Rose Cake

Rose Cake

Our Rose Mousse Cake is almost to pretty to eat.  Almost.

Have you checked out our new seasonal treat?  Let's get you acquainted with our Rose Cake.

Ever craved the delicious, floral taste of rose -- exclusively?  We get it, and we don't want raspberry or pistachio, as luscious and delightfully nutty as they are, to share the spotlight.  This Rose Mousse Cake is an ode to the perennial, crimson-hued beauty.

To make this special cake, we source high-quality roses in full bloom to maximize their unique flavor profile. 

Here is the breakdown of our Rose Cake: rich, creamy rose mousse filling inside a vanilla-cardamom cake, all adorned with crystallized rose petals.  This cake is almost too pretty to eat.  Almost.

Our special cake is available for a limited time only, so don't miss out on this edible beaut!  Choose either gluten-free *only* or the both vegan + gluten-free option during check out.

Order your own special Rose Mousse Cake today!